Worcester hosts prestigious event for heraldic scholars

A prestigious national conference to promote the academic study of heraldry has been held at the University of Worcester. 
The Heraldry Society’s British Congress took place from 25 – 28 August, bringing more than 60 scholars from across the UK together to study and share heraldic research.
Worcester City Council received the prestigious Corporate Heraldry award in February in recognition of its use of its heraldic coats of arms to strengthen the city and organisation’s identity.  The award contributed to the Heraldry Society’s decision to hold the Congress in Worcester for the first time this year.
Mr Roger Whitworth, a local genealogist, was responsible for Worcester’s entry for the Civic Heraldry Award having painstakingly researched the use of the city’s arms and other heraldic emblems, creating more than 2,000 images of instances where they are employed.
Delegates attending the Congress visited Worcester Cathedral and the High Street, where there are many examples of Worcester’s distinctive coat of arms on street benches, parks and the railway bridge at the main Foregate Street station. They were impressed by the displays of heraldry in the Guildhall and St Swithun’s Church.
The Mayor of Worcester, Cllr Paul Denham, was given a guided tour of Worcestershire civic heraldry exhibits in the accompanying exhibition by heraldic artist David Hopkinson, and later was a guest at the Congress banquet.
“Worcester is a city that is very proud of its heritage and it is an honour to have been selected to host this prestigious academic event,” said the Mayor.
Roger Whitworth added:  “The Congress has provided an excellent opportunity to acknowledge the recognition by the citizens of Worcester of the main heraldic emblems used by the City Council to identify both the organisation and Worcester City itself.”

Sarah Dawes