Drama Students Tell Story of Worcester’s History

University students will be bringing key moments in Worcester’s history to life in the places where they happened with an interactive performance next month.

Second year Drama and Performance students from the University of Worcester will take the public on a journey through time, playing out periods in history, from the 1600s until now.
Performers will move between three local museums, taking the audience with them, starting at The Infirmary, at the University’s City Campus, then moving on to The Commandery and The Museum of Royal Worcester.

The Remnants of Worcester performance, on May 9th, will focus on the local stories particular to those museums or sites - focusing on real, local people and tales.

Events focused on include Charles Hastings’ speech at the formation of what was to become the British Medical Association, which took place at the Worcester Royal Infirmary (now the University’s City Campus) in 1832, and Henry Carden, a surgeon at the hospital, who introduced the single flap method for amputation.

Students will also re-enact the visit of King George III and Queen Charlotte to the Worcester Porcelain Works before they granted the Royal Warrant to the factory.

A mixture of rehearsed theatre and experimental performance, the public may be invited to participate at certain points. 

Students have spent the past three months researching material for the performance.  This included meetings, tours, exploring archive material and objects and focusing on characters or stories in detail.

Second year Drama and Performance student, Jessica Bishop, 22, said: "This has been a great opportunity as we don’t normally get to work with real life historical stories. All three of the museums have been very welcoming and gave up their time to go into further detail about the history they have a connection with.

“It has been a good experience for us because it allowed us to get out and about in the community.  In addition, we have gained more experience as actors working within different environments and with a range of professionals."

The performance will be assessed and form part of the students’ final degree.

BA Drama and Performance Lecturer, Tom Drayton, said: “Many performance assessments are private exams, but I think the chance to create theatre for the public, and to work for and with cultural organisations, is a brilliant opportunity.

“I think it's integral that students understand how theatre companies can work outside of the theatre space.”

The performance is on May 9th at 10.45am and places are limited.
To book a place, search ‘Remnants of Worcester’ on www.eventbrite.co.uk.

Sarah Dawes