Professor Reveals his Theory of Everything for the NHS

A University of Worcester professor will reveal, in a public lecture at The Hive, a powerful solution to one of the National Health Service’s most enduring problems.

David Seedhouse, Professor of Values Based Practice within the Institute of Health and Society at the University of Worcester, will outline his ‘theory of everything for the NHS’, the result of three decades of research in the field.

The NHS constitution contains many principles, values and ethical codes, but offers no definition of health. For Professor Seedhouse, this one simple oversight is the cause of much of the fragmentation and inconsistency that hampers the modern Health Service.

Professor Seedhouse will offer a powerful solution, based on his extensive research - a theory of everything for the NHS which unites the best clinical practice with the most thoughtful ethical reflection.

Professor Seedhouse is an innovative and internationally renowned thinker, writer, and social entrepreneur, with 30 years of experience of writing, teaching and researching the role of values in health care.

This public lecture is free to attend and takes place at The Hive on Wednesday 5th April 6 – 7pm.

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Sarah Dawes