Worcester dog receives mayoral seal of approval

The Mayor of Worcester has officially recognised the contribution of a dog which has picked up over 4,000 pieces of litter in the city.

Nine-year-old 'cockerpoo' Daisy is the first animal in the city to have received a certificate and medal from the mayor.

Daisy was led down the red carpet in the Guildhall Parlour, before being formally introduced to the Mayor. 

Cllr Jabba Riaz, who became Worcester’s mayor last month said:  “I felt it was important to recognise the great work which Daisy has done to keep this city clean.

“I hope this is a lesson to all those who drop litter and that it will encourage people to do the right thing and pick it up. Maybe Daisy will also inspire a new generation of pets to help keep the city clean too!”

Daisy has lived with Judy Owen in Worcester since she was a puppy. They often go for walks along Diglis canal, where Daisy keenly hunts out pieces of rubbish.

Mrs Owen says: "She goes to enormous lengths to pick up pieces of litter – she won't go home until she has found one. She rummages in bushes and hunts behind trees. She has picked up over 4,000 now."

In response to receiving her honour, Daisy rolled over and said:  “woof,woof, grrrr!’”

Sarah Dawes