Girl Power!

Girl Power!

Who can you trust with your hard earned money when choosing Double Glazing or when extending your home?

Over the past few years, 5 Star have been building an amazing TEAM of well over 100 hardworking males, typically in the construction Industry female employees are rare, however 5 Star are proud that today, their team has over 10% who are brilliantly skilled females.  They work tirelessly, often behind the scenes, to ensure your installation is perfect!

Their hard work powers 5 Stars success, our current customer satisfaction scores prove this 4.9 out of 5 on Google, 5 out of 5 as a WHICH TRUSTED TRADER Ultra Installer and 99.3% from Conservatory Outlet!

The 5 Star ethos has always been to look after their team and they will look after YOU, our valued customers!

So, lets introduce the 5 Star ladies team…The first lady your likely to meet is Treena Evans, who manages the Kidderminster Showroom and our Design Team’s diaries. Sophie White, our extremely talented and hard-working Administrator. Eleanor Rawlings our Health & Safety AND HR Manager, our latest and multi-talented new recruit! Taylor Field, our Accounts Assistant, although she has many hats and helps everyone! Julie Hart magically manages our Service Engineers and looks after customers appointments for aftersales visits. Julie Massey, our Accounts Manager who has the most important role anywhere… she pays us all! Kayleigh Flint is our in house Construction Specialist who liaises with customers, our tradespeople, engineers and managers then seamlessly makes our installation diaries work. Aimee Smith, another new recruit joins our Operations Administration team, where her number one priority is to keep customers well informed. Michelle Winson, our very appreciated Cleaner, she keeps us spick and span and totally polished. Georgia Griffiths, accuracy is her name! She’s our ultra-accurate Order Processor who places orders for millions of pounds worth of YOUR windows, roofs, frames and lots more. Last but by no means least…Lesley Haddleton who diligently looks after our Trade Counter and more importantly our Trade Customers.

Andrew Phillips